daynao.com7505Why an individualized approach?

Organizations and individuals are currently being SABOTAGED, without knowing it, by toxic relationships and unhealthy misconceptions of self and others.  As a result, authentic leadership has become a key factor in facilitating positive performance. I’ve created a leadership coaching program to help transform organizations by teaching members to face these realities and bravely submit to truth.

Authentic Leadership of self and others begins with how we respond to agitation in life.

My journey through basketball brought a cultural identity into my life that completely transformed it. Team sports revealed my fears, insecurities and hidden capacities for influence. After competitive basketball was done, I began to see that leadership starts with the principles that govern our individual lives. There is a certain acknowledgement, acceptance and intentional response that leads to one’s actions aligning with his or her beliefs. It became clear that if I suppressed vulnerability, ignored obstacles, stored anger and diminished my self-worth I could only lead others from a place of brokenness. But leading the self and others requires a confrontation with truth. Though these principals often seem inconvenient, they ultimately lead to victory. This is what the 6ixth Man leadership coaching program  is all about.


About Norman Coulter

Norman has more than 25 years experience playing competitive basketball including going head to head with NBA competition and working out with the Los Angeles Clippers. After 15 years leading in religious and educational sectors, Norman began formalizing his research and conducting leadership coaching for High School and Division I athletic programs as well as individuals across professional disciplines.

Currently, his research focus includes Authentic Leadership, Servant Leadership and Self & Athletic Identity at Gonzaga University (Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies). He is well versed in team dynamics, internalized pressures that inhibit performance and individual human agency and empowerment.

A native of South Central Los Angeles, Norman’s philanthropic work spans four continents and his professional focus combines a deep compassion for self-awareness with a fervor for maximizing the efforts of organizations with high expectations for its members.

6ixth Man Program