Ron Ron
I was told today that 25% of people are psychopaths or have the tendencies of one. One in Four! Seriously? I’m talking completely from ignorance but the person dropping science on me said that the tell-tale signs include things like an inability to feel and be slowed by human emotions. […]

Interrupting Your Worst Self

That’s the sound in the quiet that let’s you know it’s quiet. And it’s the metaphorical sound people bring attention to when we are silent in times of crisis. I stopped writing this for a second just to stalk my Facebook news feed. What did I see? Top 10 dunks […]


I knew I was going to be late to work this morning. I invoked the snooze sleep theft device because I had showered the night prior and needed only to select my day’s wardrobe from a mountain range of clean clothes that fills the canyon between my side of the […]


Me and the L Butta 2
Somehow I got sucked into an internal mental scrimmage on the subject of male nurturing. I asked myself something I’ve never thought of prior to my son’s birth this past summer. I said to myself, “Self, do you think a man can or should be nurturing?” See I’ve noticed in […]

Can a Man Nurture?