The 6ixth Man Book

“The 6ixth Man is a timely and must-read book. It is a guidebook and workbook offering a blueprint for developing the right mindset, character, and work ethic.  An inspired work, this book can’t help but motivate people to become better persons and athletes.”

– Scott N. Brooks,author of Black Men Can’t Shoot and Associate Professor at the University of Missouri – Columbia.

book shoes ball12 Lessons I’ve learned from NOT Playing Basketball


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There are insights that only YOUR LIFE can teach you.

I wrote the 6IXTH MAN book and program to share the 12 virtues that shaped me during my playing career. Something as simple as basketball took control of my life and God used it to develop my character through struggle. These 12 lessons have laid the foundation for extreme growth in my life and I wanted to share it with others. This book is a stimulant for loads of team building ideas and leadership education steps that will transform your life and the lives of those around you. Leading ourselves and others well takes bravery. This book gives insight on how to begin.

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