Structure of the 6ixth Man Program

The 6th Man Program is a method of authentic leadership coaching designed for groups from 10-100 people that works to develop the signature traits of an authentic leader.

Landscape Meetings 1-2 weeks

Interviews with key players and group members are conducted to evaluate the current level of authentic leadership and overall “buy in” of the organization to its mission and goals.

Once completed, a customized overview of the organization will be provided. In addition, a proposal will be created and may include any or all of the following:

Transformational Approaches 4-6 weeks

Through research-based inventories that measure self-identity, authenticity and sense of personal power, individualized guidance is provided to group members through their own personality profiles. This “root work” uncovers the origins of individual behavior within the wider organization.

The program then provides integrative character education workshops that allow group members to intersect and explore new ideas and common passions based on values and convictions uncovered by their individual work.

Translation 1-2 weeks

Depending on the size and individual needs of the organization, periodic or final evaluations will be conducted to recognize how authentic leadership is impacting internal and external relationships, productivity and organizational culture.

This phase includes courageous reflections – a summary of individual and group expressions about the current and future state of the organization.

What does the 6th Man Program Deliver?

BUY IN: “Players” and “Coaches” work more dynamically together towards the refinement of and alignment with the mission and goals of the organization.


INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Exponential financial and organizational growth occurs as a result of reinforced trust of employees and customers.


CURRENT TEAM: Dynamic talent development and retention of current employees.


FUTURE TEAM: A work culture that attracts future employees of the highest level.


DISSOLUTION OF MISCONCEPTIONS: Character development leading to a more balanced flow of ideas, information and productivity within the organization.


TALENT UTILIZATION: Increase in all levels of employee participation and innovation as creativity is cultivated and encouraged.