Why you need 6ixth Man

Why You Need 6IXTH MAN

The 6IXTH MAN leadership coaching program maximizes organizational performance by developing authentic leadership in individuals, leadership that is genuine, real and bona fide.

Originally designed to help elite prep, collegiate and professional basketball players embrace their natural capacity for constructive influence, this program has proven effective in more places than just athletics.

As new research emerges in authentic leadership, it is clear that elite athletes are not the only ones who struggle internally with fear, reckless inclinations, arrogance and a host of private, destructive habits. We’ve all watched elite athletes flounder before, during or after a fulfilling career. And yet, the same is true for hard-working “normal folk” as we bravely balance work, family and the quest for significance.

6IXTH MAN leads organizations in a transformation process that leaves no room for false identity. Maximum performance is achieved when “coaches” (those in designated leadership roles) and “players” (subordinate organization members) submit to the truth and to one another in service of the team as a whole.

Effective leadership is authentic and measurable. The 6ixth Man program provides creative ways for players and coaches to focus on optimizing themselves and the core leadership traits the team needs in order to thrive. By conducting team and individual evaluations, engineering authentic leadership activities and providing customized inventories the program helps individuals and organizations to:

  • Reveal performance blocks
  • Unlock intrinsic motivation and focus
  • Discover breakthrough competencies
  • Maximize individual preparation and performance effort
  • Strengthen the ability to lead self before others
  • Improve team dynamics
  • Improve responsiveness of team members to the organizational mission
  • Resolve intercultural conflicts

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