In basketball, an assist is the pass that directly leads to scoring, Getting Buckets.” 6ixth Man believes that one of the most effective ways to achieve organizational objectives is to understand relationships between group members and more introspectively, between one’s true and false self.

“When we’re driven to examine ourselves truthfully and intimately, there is humility and triumph.”

– 12 Lessons I’ve Learned from NOT Playing Basketball (Coulter, 2011)


My job is to serve organizations by providing customized inventories, conducting team and individual evaluations, engineering authentic leadership activities for improving team dynamics and discovering breakthrough competencies where conflict exists. Research clearly indicates that motivation varies person-to-person. And when “players” don’t perform, it is usually because of their inability to submit to the truth, to accept existing realities about the game and their lives while recognizing what they can truly become.

“Fueled by disappointment, hate and other hazardous emotional materials, I brooded…”

– 12 Lessons I’ve Learned from NOT Playing Basketball (Coulter, 2011)


What if organizations and individuals were being SABOTAGED, without knowing it, by toxic relationships and unhealthy perceptions?  Historically, social justice movements and businesses alike both surmounted obstacles and achieved long-term objectives via attentiveness to human need. 6ixth Man’s assist will transform organizations as their members acquaint and reacquaint themselves with needs of self and other.

Being an elite individual or organization comes with a built-in platform of influence and an incumbent responsibility to develop one’s self. My job is to guide the process of integrating this truth with the objectives of  respective universities and franchises.